Text Box: A Beautiful Park for the Living,
A Joyful Memory to a Loved One.
Text Box: 	One of the lifeís most difficult decisions should be made now, before the time of need, while you are able to consult together calmly, and decide sensibly what would be the best for your Family.

You owe it to the ones you love!

Eastside Memorial Park

Text Box: A  Place of beauty and peace
A natural choice

EASTSIDE MEMORIAL PARK is a full service, non-sectarian cemetery located in Carson Valley, Douglas County, Northern Nevada. Eastside has available columbarium's (niches) and urn gardens for cremated remains, lawn property spaces, mausoleum, family gardens, Veterans section, Jewish section, with† an Endowment Care Trust Fund for the complete maintenance of your property and the cemetery. The park graces the magnificent view of the Sierra Mountains. Built as a place of reflection and inspiration, it is a peaceful haven, a place to honor the memory of loved ones in an environment of dignity and beauty.

Choosing memorial property is a decision that brings together so many personal issues: Faith, identity, family, conscience and economy. Eastside provides the broadest selection of property choices that can accommodate every individualís personal expression.

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